About us


Hello and welcome to adrinkfortomorrow, we are an organization that supports society’s progression towards clean water and everybody gaining access to it! In the united states about 98% of the population has access to clean water. Although we have access to water in many ways which we can take showers, baths, and even swim in, the problem is in comparisons to 3rd world countrys like Haiti, they struggle everyday to find fresh clean water for them to use. If you think about how important water is to daily life and even included in the activities we do, water is an important source that we can never run out of or, well that’s the end of humanity. We as humans need water to survive, it’s that simple. So with that being said think about how daily life would be without water, now think about those struggling in Haiti and have to walk miles just to get two buckets of water for their daily life activities. Yeah, it’s a struggle that us in America can help to reform and make sure that every one and we mean everyone will have access to clean water.

We’re not the only organization to feel this way, there are many others that support and actually provide help to the others in need. So join us in the fight and make sure to reserve water!